Kitten recovering after child placed it in oven

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At the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Michigan, a kitten is recovering after a juvenile is alleged to have placed the 10-month-old feline in a hot oven earlier in the month. The mother of the child brought the cat to the shelter because she didn’t have the resources to treat the animal.

According to the shelter, the kitten suffered burns on her body, paws and ears.

“The cat was in really bad shape and is taking a long time to get better, especially with respiratory issues and breathing,” Lydia Sattler, the director of Jackson County Animal Shelter stated.

The kitten, now named Suri, short for survivor continues to have her wounds treated, however still has breathing problems.

The case is now under investigation.

To donate to Suri’s veterinary care and mounting medical treatment costs:

Donations can be made by phone, mail, in person or Pay Pal through our website. Please note: For Suri

3370 Spring Arbor Road
Jackson Michigan 49203

Thank you for supporting Suri.

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  1. Larry says:

    I’ve got news for everybody; a juvenile is not a child. That kid is old enough to know that what he/she was doing was wrong. What about criminal charges for animal cruelty? This kid is dangerous to both animals and people. If it was my kid he/she would learn the hard way not to mistreat any animal. Beat the living crap out of this kid so that he/she will remember not to abuse animal again!


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