Kitten encased in spray foam and left in garbage can rescued

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In a disturbing case of animal abuse and neglect, an eight-week-old kitten encased in spray foam and left in a garbage can, was rescued in Hillsboro, Oregon. A garbage collector heard the weak sounds of the kitten crying.

According to the press release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the discovery was made on May 3 as a garbage collector had been using the hydraulic arm on the truck to empty out the garbage can and spotted the kitten hanging upside down.

“Upon further inspection, he noticed a
small cat, encased in spray foam, hanging upside down from its back legs. The driver knew the cat
was still alive because he could hear it whining.
The driver took the garbage can back to the Hillsboro Garbage Disposal facility …”

The driver brought the garbage can back to the disposal facility where the men were able to free the kitten. The kitten likely belongs to one of two different feral cats that live on the property, both with litters. It is unknown at this time who is responsible for the cruel act. An investigation is ongoing.

The kitten is in the care of a veterinarian at Washington County Animal Services’ Bonnie L. Hays Small Animal Shelter and is expected to make a full recovery.

(Photos of kitten encased in spray foam and rescued screenshot Washington County Sheriff’s Office press release)

Check out the video:

Nice work guys! You are all heroes.

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  1. Sincere thanks to the Great Samaritans and many prayers the kitten will survive and will be placed in a loving home!

    In any case, the EVIL LUNATIC must be found, prosecuted and, hopefully, foam sprayed!


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