Kitten abandoned in parking lot of shelter hit by car

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In Manatee County, Florida, a six-week-old kitten was abandoned in  the parking lot of Manatee County Animal Services was hit by a car and remains in critical condition.

According to the Manatee County Animal Services, a couple arrived at the shelter asking to surrender the kitten. The shelter requires an appointment to surrender pets, and handed the couple a package with tips and resources to help rehome the pet in the interim.

Surveillance cameras around the shelter captured the couple walking to their car and abandoning the kitten in the parking lot. It wasn’t until hours later that a volunteer, who had been outside walking a dog, found the kitten.  Sadly, the kitten had been hit by a vehicle, and when found his skull was crushed. He is being treated, and it is hoped he will recover.

Dubbed, Von, which in Icelandic means hope, the adorable kitten is under 24-hour care thanks to the Friends of Manatee County Animal Services.

“MCAS is conducting an ongoing investigation with local law enforcement to identify a person of interest who abandoned a kitten at MCAS on Monday afternoon.The kitten is in critical condition and not declining at the moment. It appears the kitten was released in the parking lot and hit by a vehicle and sustained life-threatening injuries.

We want to remind the public that animal abandonment is a crime. Any owner who abandons an animal and such animal suffers injury or malnutrition or abandons any animal in a street, road or public place, without providing care is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
Please continue to send your well wishes for “Von” – his name means hope…”

On Friday, Von’s medical update has been posted and seems to be more optimistic.


“UPDATE after consultation with specialist this morning** The good news is that Von is better today then he was yesterday. He yelled and got puffy tail when his temp was taken- so a great normal response! He has some weakness on his right side but overall seems stronger than the specialist was thinking! More good news is that nerve development occurs up until 20 weeks so all hope is not lost! He is swallowing good and had sensation when his ears were tickled.
The next diagnostics needed are some bloodwork and an MRI. The MRI (being done now) will show the specialist if there are blood clots impairing his brain activity and if there is brain swelling which could herniate the brain.
He is also worried about skull fragments that can actually burrow into his brain tissue- It’s possible that he will also need surgery to correct any of the above and that he will need CT for more imaging.”

To donate to help Von, please click here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    These POS people couldn’t wait to get rid of the kitten for an appointment? They just abandoned the poor thing to be hit by a car.Most likely whoever hit the kitten didn’t even know they did! I hope they throw the book at these totally irresponsible people! They should be held responsible for the medical bills of the kitten they abandoned!


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