Just three-months-old and tiny Paul has only known suffering

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In southern Texas, a three-month-old puppy has only known suffering. Barely able to walk, extremely emaciated and covered in mange, the tiny dog struggled to survive. And on Friday,  local animal control officers picked him up and brought him back to the shelter. Sadly, the shelter doesn’t have the financial means to help Paul.

Had Rescue Dogs Rock NYC not come to Paul’s rescue on Friday, he likely would have been humanely euthanized.


On Monday, the puppy’s updated condition was described. Sadly, this puppy’s physical condition is 100 percent due to neglect.


“Here is Paul today at our San Antonio Vet Partner , receiving life saving medical care
Paul is weak , anemic and emaciated 
Obviously he’s also suffering from a severe skin condition all due to neglect
At 3 months old , Paul has already suffered a great deal”

To help Paul, please click here:


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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is heartbreaking that a puppy can get in this condition and is only 3 months old. Thank you Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for again stepping up and saving a life.


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