Just a slap on the wrist for man who zip-tied shepherd’s snout

Zip tie around shepherd's snout
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A 48-year-old Australia man received a mere slap on the wrist after zip-tying his German shepherd’s snout closed. According to multiple sources, the man was released from court on a good behavior bond and was ordered to pay veterinary bills and court costs.

The unidentified man was charged with ill-treating an animal under the Animal Welfare Act after his 11-month-old German shepherd, Chloe, was found struggling to breath with the binding around her snout. The dog had been left with the tie around her muzzle for four hours and she was unable to regulate her body temperature because the binding left her unable to pant.

Chloe’s owner’s lawyer has stated that it was merely an oversight which left the pup with the tie around her snout. As reported in The Mirror, the man put the tie around Chloe’s snout in the morning and forgot to remove it before he went to work.

The only good thing to come from this cruelty situation is Chloe’s placement in a new home.

(Screenshot of Chloe with tie around her snout)

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