Investigation into culprit who taped puppy’s snout closed in Kentucky

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In McCracken County, sheriff’s deputies are trying to find the culprit who taped a puppy’s snout closed as well as binding his feet together on Tuesday.

According to the McCracken County Sheriff’s Office, the six to nine-month-old Labrador retriever and Great Dane mix puppy had been found in the Rice Springs and Woodville Roads area. The person who found the pup, now named Hero, had managed to free his legs, but when discovered his mouth was still taped shut.

“It appears likely that someone had committed this act against the puppy and then dropped him off in the area of Rice Springs and Woodville Road in Western McCracken County,” the organization posted on their Facebook page.

The adorable pup is now under the care of the McCracken County Humane Society.

Anyone with any information that may assist investigators identifying the individual/s responsible for this crime is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s office at (270)444-4719.

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