Internet falls in love with Mae the French Mastiff dying from terminal cancer

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The internet has fallen in love with Mae; a mushy-faced French Mastiff who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. All is not lost however, as Mae is being spoiled, loved and adored by her foster mom, and it seems anyone who has ever met her – either in person or via social media is just smitten.

Just a few months ago, Mae had been found as a stray in Harrison County.  The Southern Indiana Animal Rescue brought her in, but sadly it wasn’t long before veterinarians diagnosed her with incurable cancer. Now the five-year-old only weighs 70 pounds, when a dog of her breed should weigh 140. Her updates are frequently posted and hundreds of likes and comments accompany. Be assured her foster mother tells us – as long as Mae wants to live, it’s her decision.

“On Saturday I told a friend that I feared this coming week would be Mae’s last. She was really slowing down and was vomiting more and more. Well I swear she knew because since Monday she has had such a great week. She’s been much more alert and seems to be in such great spirits. Food has always been #1 with her, so that’s never been a worry, but she is keeping everything down and constantly coming to the kitchen for more. She’s still slow as a turtle😊, but I can’t blame her.

All of that being said, a lot of wonderful people want to meet Mae and have asked when they can. I will be at Feeders Supply in Jeff(the new one on 10th street)on Friday at 4:15 to do an adoption, so from 4:30-5:30 people are welcome to come meet Mae. She’d love to see all of you and I’d love to have her feel all of the love as I do.”

People come from everywhere to meet Mae who accompanies Elizabeth Starck with adoption events. Mae seems to love to smile. At Feeders Supply on Friday, an adoption event for the rescue organization was held. Mae would be there to greet her fans, stand guard over the adoption crew and help the rescue to raise funds for dogs just like her – those stray and lost souls who need a helping hand.

The adoption and fundraiser event went off well. Mae was thrilled:

“I don’t even know where to start. I can’t thank everyone enough for coming to visit with Mae tonight. She ate treats to her heart’s content and I’ve never seen her tail wag so much. That pulled at my heart strings more than anything. She was so happy this evening. She felt all the love possible and more. She only deserves the best and you all gave it to her tonight,” wrote Elizabeth.

To donate and help more dogs in need, please click here.

Hang in there Mae. We love you.

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