Injured ‘cone-dog’ Thunder surrendered by former owner, and rumors on social media

Thunder the cone-dog
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Animal lovers from across the nation have been patiently waiting for details to be released about Thunder, the “cone-dog” who was rescued by horseback riders who found him wandering in the woods in Mendocino County, California. On Friday, the Mendocino Coast Humane Society announced that Thunder’s owner was located and decided that they do not want him.

Exactly why he or she decided not to take Thunder home is unclear. The animal shelter writes:

Thunder’s owner has signed the paperwork releasing him to our custody. We are focused on helping Thunder get better, which must happen before any determination is made regarding adoption. Thunder’s plight has touched all our hearts, and we understand everyone is eager to know all the details to his story.

No details will be released publicly until animal control completes their investigation. Updates are being provided about Thunder’s condition. On December 20, the shelter announced that Thunder was able to take a “short walk” and that he is doing better.

The rumors

With so many eyes on the Thunder situation, it is perhaps not surprising that rumors have been circulating. On Friday, the Facebook page established on Thunder’s behalf made a post to address these rumors, and hopefully, put them to rest.

In a public post, the Facebook page writes:

Rumors are circulating that the Humane Society obtained Thunder’s surrender to keep the money generated for his care. I’m only divulging the following information for two reasons:

1. To stop this nasty rumor, and
2. It’s already leaked out.

Simply put, Thunder’s owners did not want him back. It had nothing to do with money on either side. We don’t know why, but he was voluntarily surrendered.

It is important to focus on the many positive aspects of Thunder’s story. He survived being alone in the forest with a cone on his neck. He survived serious injuries. He was found and rescued. He is receiving critically necessary veterinary care. Donations have been made to the humane society to ensure that he will receive all of the care that he needs for a full recovery. He is safe and in good hands.

Original article about Thunder here.

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  1. Do you realize how many owner surrenders are euthanized? Way too many. If rescues do not tag them from smaller pounds, they get put down.
    I do hope that he is rehabilitated and finds his forever home.

    I want to thank anyone involved in his rescue. My utmost respect to all.

    I am a rescue transporter in the Ozarks.


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