Injured baby bird arrives at wildlife center by UBER

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In Ogden, Utah an injured baby bird arrived at a wildlife center alone – via UBER. The human friends of the orphaned Lesser Goldfinch had been drinking at a house when they found the little one who had fallen from the sky late last month.

The revelers texted a photo of the injured baby bird to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah (WRCNU) and were told to bring it in for life saving treatment. Instead of driving and risking an arrest for being intoxicated, the awesome friends called an UBER.

“Another FIRST you WILL NOT BELIEVE!!! 😳

What do you do when you find a sick, injured or orphaned wild animal, but you’ve “had a few too many?” 🤪

WELL, this rescuer called an UBER driver!

NO, seriously, this little orphaned Lesser Goldfinch 🐥 was the sole occupant of an Uber vehicle 🚗 for a ride to WRCNU yesterday.

While we feel we’ve seen it all and can’t be amazed by anything, there is always SOMEONE out there to prove us wrong. 🤣🤣

Thank you to the rescuer who helped this little one get the care it needed in a timely manner and thank you for keeping yourself safe and others on the road safe as well! 👮‍♀️ 

According to Fox News, the first Uber cancelled after hearing who and what he would be transporting, but the second driver, Christy Guynn was happy to help. Jokingly she said it was the first passenger she ever had that didn’t talk.

And when she arrived at WRCNU with the two-week-old baby bird as her only passenger, volunteers were shocked. Now named Petey, the little guy is getting proper care and is expected to be released in a few weeks.

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

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  1. Marylu says:

    I have transported many animals lost and alone and it doesn’t bother me one bit as long as they make it to the destination that is going to give them the care they need..


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