Incredible: Horse runs back into SoCal fire to save herd members

On Wednesday, Good Samaritans gathered in the Simi Valley to rescue horses from the quickly approaching Easy Fire. As one of the horses was being loaded onto the trailer to take him to safety, the  horse obviously had other ideas.

In an incredible feat of bravery and loyalty, the horse fled from his rescuers and ran back to the smokey foothills to lead out two confused horses. According to CbsNews, a number of horses were able to be saved, however a 28-year-old mare named Mayer, had to be euthanized on  the scene after she broke her front legs trying to run away from the fire.

The Easy Fire forced 26,000 people to flee their homes. The Reagan Library and the Getty Center closed, although all  were said to be out of imminent danger by evening. Residents in the area carried chickens and goats to safety.

Check out the incredible video here:

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(Screenshot via Metro)

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