‘I’m sorry I got sick’ Dog’s heartfelt apology after owners surrendered him

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Not far from Toronto, Canada, Tango, a ten-year-old Golden Retriever was surrendered this weekend to  Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary. His owners surrendered him because he had become incontinent; because he was not able to control his bladder or bowels, he had been living in the backyard.

How can anyone know how a dog feels after having lived with a family for ten years and invested every inch of their love and loyalty – suddenly to have been left with strangers no matter how nice the new people seem to be?

“To the family that enjoyed me for 10 years of my life,” Tango’s story begins as told by a rescue volunteer. “To the people that I jumped, kissed, played and gave endless love to…

To the ones that when they left the house everyday, I felt like it was forever, and made sure they knew that when they came back.”

And here it is Thanksgiving, [Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on October 14] and Tango is no longer part of the family.

“To you ..my owners, that I love with all my heart and soul. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving .. and the only wish I have is that I could be there with you, to be thankful for those 10 years of endless love and memories I gave to you in your life.”

Tango apologized for getting sick and having accidents in the house. Tango apologized for becoming a burden on his family. Will they remember him?

“This year, you have decided that I will spend thanksgiving in a shelter all alone. The only thing I ask for this thanksgiving is that when you sit around the table with all your loved ones and when you thank them for being in your life, remember me. Please know it is my wish to be there with you.”

Tragically, Tango has been diagnosed with a large tumor pressing against his spinal cord, and that is the reason for his incontinence. The biopsy results reveal the tumor is malignant and cannot be removed with surgery.

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary is looking for a family that will welcome him into their home and keep him comfortable. He is good with children and calm dogs. He has not been tested with cats.

Tango is in need of a foster home. If interested, please contact [email protected].

Follow Tango’s heartbreaking plight here. Please share and help this sweet dog find a great hospice home where he will be loved and cherished until it’s time for him to leave us.

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  1. They should spend Thanksgiving in HELL–I would be thankful
    for that!

    Where is the best place to donate to help this beautiful sweetheart

  2. I hope this so called family enjoys their Thanksgiving , every bite should be a bitter reminder of how they betrayed a family member

  3. Dear Tango, I am so sorry that the family that had you for 10 years turned out to be so ungrateful, they failed you in your time of need. My heart breaks for you…may your next family be more loving you deserve the best, God bless you. May your past owners suffer the way they let you suffer outside…


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