Mountain lions killed

Idaho woman breaks up fight between young mountain lion and dog

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In Mackay, Idaho, a woman intervened in a fight between a dog and a young mountain lion – not realizing at the time one of the animals was not a dog.

According to AbcNews, on January 30, the woman’s dog began to fight with another dog outside of the family’s home or so she thought. As she pulled the two apart, she realized it was actually a juvenile mountain lion. At that time, she called for help from her husband to come outside with a gun. He quickly came outside and shot the mountain lion.

Both the woman and the dog sustained minor injuries. An officer from the Fish and Game Commission have seized the body of the mountain lion to be tested “to determine if disease may have played a part in the lion’s behavior.” The young mountain lion was a male weighing 35 pounds.

Authorities are warning people who come into contact with mountain lions to remain facing the lion and slowly back away to allow the cat to escape. Hold up your arms, appear bigger and shout, wave arms and throw objects.

The agency noted it was the third incident in January of a mountain lion attacking a dog. 

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  1. jarrod says:

    Glad the dog is alright and poor cougar.. the idiot should not have used a firearm and obviously could have scared the animal away by clashing a pot and pan together. Maybe next cougar can feed on the imbeciles who can’t tell a cat from a dog.


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