Shelter destroyed by massive hurricane

Hurricane battered shelter releases heartbreaking images of what has been left behind

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On Saturday morning, the only animal shelter on Abaco, which was battered by Hurricane Dorian, released heartbreaking images of what has been left behind by the devastating storm. The Abaco Shelter had moved the majority of the shelter animals into a warehouse before the storm hit the Bahamas – but some dogs had to be left behind.

In a statement, the animal shelter updated Facebook followers about the fate of those dogs, and the condition of the facility which cares for them:

Finally news on the dogs that were left at the shelter. They are ferral dogs that will not accept human touch but still love their humans (AbacoShelter Vounteers) when they see them. The volunteers did the best they could to make sure they would have shelter through the storm. Although the shelter is demolished only one dog did not survive.

Though heartbroken over the death of the one dog, staff and volunteers are thankful that others managed to survive the powerful hurricane. The animal welfare agency assured supporters that the dogs will be cared for, despite the tremendous destruction to the shelter facility:

The dogs that are left there will be very well taken care of and will stay there because that is their home and where they will get fed. Our volunteers will rebuild our shelter and continue on our mission of free spay and neuter clinics as soon as we are able.

This shelter, which provides a valuable service to the island, needs help to rebuild. People interested in lending them a hand can make a donation at this link to the shelter website.

(Images via Facebook)

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