House of horrors: 40 small dogs rescued from filth and vermin

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In South Texas, the living conditions of more than 40 small dogs became a matter of life or death. They lived in a house of horrors – a living hell. On Monday, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to their rescue; Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of the organization tearfully explained the dangerous situation.

“Huge Rescue in Progress
I’m very worried, can we actually pull this off ?!
There is so much that this rescue entails, we NEED DONATIONS AND FOSTERS
Please Please Help !!!
We are in the process of rescuing 30 plus dogs as we post this, from this house of hell, dogs are living in filth , feces everywhere, garbage, bugs and vermin living amongst all these dogs.
They have no where to turn and they are going to die here
They are so afraid , you can feel and see the fear in their eyes.”

Dogs were hiding everywhere; living between mattresses, in holes in the walls and locked in outdoor pens and cages. Three of the dogs are pregnant and ten newborn puppies were close by. Many of the dogs are critically ill, sick and injured. Every dog needs medical care, spay, neuter, vaccinations and a place to go. The dogs range in ages from two to six-years and most weigh under 25 pounds.

Video of the three moms:

And just another 20 second video showing how these small dogs lived for years:

Tuesday evening updates indicate the dogs are still being transferred to nearby partner veterinarians for treatment. The majority of the dogs will need to go to boarding until enough foster homes are procured.

Please note, this is the largest rescue operation for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC has ever done. Support is desperately needed. If you live in San Antonio, Austin or Dallas please apply to foster immediately

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