Horse with broken leg tied to tree and left to die

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In Mobile, Alabama, authorities arrested a woman on Thursday alleged to have left a horse with a broken leg tied to a tree.

Mobile Police Department  “On Thursday, November 7, 2019, 34-year-old Yolanda Jones turned herself in to Metro Jail and was arrested on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals.”


According to police, Jones had been towing the horse in a blue trailer behind a pickup truck when the horse’s legs broke through the bottom of the trailer. Jones stopped and tied the horse to a tree in front of a house on St. Francis Street. The woman then drove away abandoning the injured animal.

When police arrived, they found the horse had injuries to both of his hind legs. A veterinarian humanely euthanized the  horse because of the severity of his injuries.

Rest in peace poor horse. We are so sorry humans failed you.

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  1. What a POS……. How cruel and disgusting to abandon a horse with 2 broken legs…… Please throw the book at her……

    No excuse for what she did: Pure Evil!!! There is a reserved space in Hell waiting for her where she will burn forever for her cruelty.

    Poor equine furbaby, sorry humans failed you….. I know you are in Heaven.
    Please look for Sailor, (a Bay gelding), & he will show you the most scenic trails and best grazing areas…..


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