Horse in bed of pickup tied down traveling 70mph on Texas road

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A horse was spotted tied down in the bed of a pickup truck traveling down a Texas road in Corrigan  on Saturday. Ami Parbs had been driving and spotted the strange situation; she posted the video her daughter recorded on  her Facebook page, stating the horse was having difficulty standing up. The horse’s reins were being held through the back of the windshield.

Only in Texas

Posted by Ami Parbs on Saturday, March 9, 2019


According to AbcNews, the truck had been traveling down Route 59 when police were finally able to pull the driver over at a Whataburger store. Now get this! Authorities did not issue the driver a citation, because it is not illegal to transport a horse as shown in  the above video.

The driver stated he had been on his way to work at the Stockyards, and the truck he normally used wasn’t working, so he was forced to use his pickup truck and load the horse in the back. As the video of the horse in the back of the truck went viral, readers questioned the safety of the mode of transportation.

Fortunately, the horse did arrive safely and no vehicles were in accidents. Police stated it was a very well trained horse valued at $15,000.


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What a sweetie

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    What I want to know is: wtf are these STUPID INBRED freaks (you KNOW ALL “true” Texans rape their sisters, nieces, cousins, etc. as they believe they’re protecting their blood line of retarded IDIOTS) called law enforcement going to say when a family is MURDERED after an accident involving livestock falling out and causing care pile ups and DEATHS! Here’s a sample from a 27 car pile up from something VERY similar 12 years ago: “well, ya know, it’s aaa, aaa, a darn shame these folks had to die; but it just isn’t against the law to drive with such egregious neglect of public safety. We Texans believe everyone has the right to do as they please and that’s just the way it is here, don’t ‘cha know.”


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