Horse devastating injury

Horse broke leg competing in 4H event – continued running for his girl

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On Friday, a high school student was riding her horse at a 4-H event at the Washington State fair in Puyallup when the horse suffered an unexpected and tragic injury. The horse, Treis, was competing in a pole race and he twisted a rear leg, fracturing his cannon bone.

Despite the horrible injury, Treis continued to run for the girl riding him. Nicole Haggin, a senior at Orting High School, was competing in a state high school competition when Treis injured himself. Her mother, Heidi, told KOMO News, “you can tell when he got hurt, and that horse still kept going and finished the whole run for her.”


It takes so much force to break a horse’s bone, that he basically tried so hard for her that he fractured his own bone … because he was trying so hard

The family immediately contacted a specialist and started raising money to get Treis surgery. In short order, the horse was undergoing surgery with a specially trained veterinarian, but a happily-ever-after was not meant to be. The family broke the heartbreaking news to people who had contributed to their fundraiser:

“Through broken hearts I have to tell you all that Treis did not make it through surgery. The damage was to great and could not be repaired. We have lost an amazing horse today and will miss him forever. Thank you to everyone words can not express how grateful we are to everyone that has helped.”

(Image via GoFundMe)

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3 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Condolences to the family on this tragic loss.

    There is an incredible bond between horse and rider…….. I personally know how devastating it is to lose an equine partner…..

    Precious treasure Treis, I know you are in Heaven. Please look for Sailor (a bay gelding) who will show you the best grazing and most scenic trails.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    So sorry for this family’s loss. Whether the horse was dedicated to finishing the course or not if the girl knew he had been hurt then she should have stopped so the leg wouldn’t be injured further.


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