Video shows woman kicking dog

Horrible!! Video shows woman and son repeatedly kicking a dog

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A woman, and her son, have been captured on video repeatedly kicking a dog. As reported by Lancaster Crimewatch, the horrible situation was reported to the local authorities on Friday. Lancaster Bureau of Police Dog Law Enforcement Officer Garcia went to the residence on Beaver Street and spoke to the dog’s owner.

The woman in the video, identified as 28-year-old Ashley Gaston, told the authorities that the dog was hit one time after biting her son – the officer did not observe any injuries on the boy.

Later, the authorities learned of a video which was posted to social media showing the alleged abuse. The video shows Gaston repeatedly kicking a cowering dog on her porch. The woman then brings her son to the porch and encourages him to also kick the dog – at no point in time does the dog react to the ongoing abuse.

After viewing the video, officers returned to the Beaver Street home and took custody of the dog – described as a 14-month-old terrier named Trigger. The dog was taken to Lancaster Pet Emergency Treatment and Specialties (PETS) where a veterinarian found that his lungs were bruised.

The woman accused of the appalling abuse is now facing charges for Aggravated Cruelty to Animals- Torture (F3), Endangering the Welfare of Children (F3) and Corruption of Minors (M1).

(Copy/paste to view video – warning, it is disturbing!)

I’m warning everyone now this is graphic. This women is in Lancaster Pennsylvania beaver street. So far police have done nothing, this was today.

Posted by Mark Marinelli on Friday, June 7, 2019

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  1. Whitney says:

    What a worthless piece of shit! LOCK HER NASTY ASS UP!! And to bring a kid into this shit, is BEYOND WRONG!!! The poor kid will probably end up being a Piece of shit just like his mom! Especially if she brings them into a world with no love abuse and violence lock her up and keep her there!


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