Betrayed dog, with broken leg, left at animal control

Horrible betrayal – dog with badly untreated leg break surrendered to shelter

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A young dog in Texas is on the list to be put down at a busy Texas animal control agency after being betrayed by her family. The 10-month-old German shepherd has a horrible leg break which was never treated – and now she has been left to die.

On Saturday morning, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Focus on Furever, wrote:

Owner Surrender

Euthanasia scheduled for Tuesday 1/22/2019


10 month
33 pounds

Her leg was broken and has gone untreated by her owner. She has dragged it until the bottom is raw and bloody. Takes treats gently but obviously has not known love.

Saving this shepherd pup

Honey didn’t ask to be owned by a neglectful family – she didn’t ask to be hurt and betrayed. She certainly didn’t ask to be left to die. You can lend Honey a hand by taking a moment to network this article to help her find someone who can take her in and get her the care that she so desperately needs.

Located at Corpus Christi Animal Services (Texas)



Must be out by this Tuesday (1/22)

Tagged by PeeWee’s. Surgery, healing, and then off to a better life. Donations can be made through their webpage: https://www.peeweespaws.comOwner Surrender Euthanasia scheduled for Tuesday 1/22/2019HoneyA306786Male 10 month33 poundsHis leg was broken and has gone untreated by his owner. He has dragged it until the bottom is raw and bloody. Takes treats gently but obviously has not known love. Located at Corpus Christi Animal Services Email

Posted by Focus on Furever on Saturday, January 19, 2019


Note: All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the animal control agency. The Pet Rescue Report is not the point of contact.

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8 replies
  1. Gizmos Mommy says:

    There are times when the word euthanasia should be substituted with slaughter. And in this case that’s exactly what they’re going to do. The dog paid the price because of irresponsible maggot so-called people and now they want to slaughter the dog and further add insult to injury?!?

  2. Mary Ann Clark says:

    The owner and family should have been IMMEDIATELY arrested for this cruel and sadistic animal cruelty! Please keep us updated !

  3. Adrienne says:

    Fine her former owners and arrest them for torture and cruelty to animals. Lock them up in jail. As for this poor pup dragging leg, a rescue or adopter must help Honey be treated. Someone out there who loves animals will not let this torture continue. Shelters/rescues, help Honey and repair her leg and give her the forever home she deserves.

  4. Tris says:

    Checked the Corpus Christi Animal Services fb site. Honey was rescued on Saturday by a local organization! Thank you Lord! ???


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