Sad dog homeless for two years

Hope restored – shelter’s longest resident has a new home

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From time to time, a homeless dog’s plight resonates with enough people that their story reaches viral status. Such is the case for a dog who spent so much time at a Texas animal shelter that she lost hope of ever having a family of her own.

The dog, a seven-year-old pup named Leela, was in the care of the Pflugerville Animal Shelter – and though staff and volunteers loved her, she had lost her sparkle.

Fast forward to Thursday – Leela’s viral story finally reached the person who was moved to make Leela their own. In a jubilant Facebook post, the shelter wrote:

Today our longest in shelter stay, Leela, was ADOPTED!!!!

The shelter thanked the individuals who took the time to share Leela’s story:

Thanks to everyone’s shares and positive thoughts, she is now in her forever home!

Have no doubt – networking does save lives (and rejuvenate lost spirits!). Your efforts do matter. Congratulations on your new home Leela!

(Prior article about Leela here)

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