Homeless dog lives for 15 min of freedom

Homeless dog knows nobody wants him, but he still enjoys his 15 min per day of fun

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A dog, homeless at a Florida animal shelter since May, knows that nobody wants him, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying his 15 minutes of freedom each day. Yes, just 15 minutes is all that Dunken gets to enjoy each day…the rest of his day, all 23. 75 hours of it, are spent in a kennel run at the Citrus County Animal Services facility in Inverness, Florida.

An advocate writes:

Dunken is such a great dog. He will hold his potty for a 24 hour period of time. He does not want to soil his kennel. Life is hard for a big boy of 80 pounds being in a concrete kennel day after day — Since MAY! He keeps a great attitude though. But he knows. He knows nobody wants him. He’s figured it out. He knows he is too big, not a puppy, plain features, nothing flashy.


But yet — he lives for his 15 minutes outside. He puts a smile on his face, he rolls down the hill on his back and almost giggles while he does it, he splashes in the kiddie pool, and he gets to be with a person. For 15 minutes. Then it’s back to the kennel for 23.75 hours so he can do it again. Most of us would be bitter and broken. But not Dunken.

Will you help turn Dunken’s life around? Please share this article and help this homeless dog know that he IS wanted by someone. Find his profile here.


Citrus County Animal Services, 4030 S. Airport Road, Inverness, FL CitrusCritters.com ID# 41776743

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  1. Jan Barnes says:


    • Amir Niknam says:

      Can someone please contact the local tv stations and ask them to feature the dog on the news program. CBS is usually very good with that. This has worked many times. He can get adopted very soon

  2. Melissa Battaglia says:

    15 min per day? What human do you know would hold the boules and urine for 23.75 hrs? That is so wrong. I have a dog sitter come to my home ever 4-6 hours while I’m at work. If I don’t hold it all day then I don’t expect my dog to. Shame on this center. That dog should be let out ever 6 hrs at the least to relieve himself. What is wrong with people and the people who run these centers.


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