Hero dog dug up newborn baby buried alive by teenage mother

Hero dog saved infant
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A dog in Thailand is being hailed a hero after he found and dug up a newborn baby who had been buried alive by his teenage mother. According to multiple sources, the three-legged dog named Ping Pong smelled the infant in a dirt field and proceeded to dig the infant up.

The dog’s owner, 41-year-0ld Usa Nisaika, noticed what the dog was doing and then saw the baby’s leg sticking out of the dirt. As reported by the Mirror, Nisaika proceeded to dig up the baby and rushed him to a hospital. Miraculously, the 5 lb 2 oz baby was healthy and unharmed from the traumatic ordeal.

The authorities have arrested the infant’s 15-year-old mother – the girl admitted that she gave birth to the little boy and explained that she tried to bury him because she feared that her parents would be angry.

Good boy Ping Pong!

(Screenshot via Fox News/The Mirror)

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  1. Yet ANOTHER furry angel HERO! It further inspires me to try to locate every single animal petition site to save them!


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