Help Mellow find his way back to his 70-year-old ‘best friend’

A 70-year-old man is heartbroken after his “best friend” – a poodle mix named Mellow disappeared from his Queens home in New York City on May 13.  It may sound like crazy stuff, but after the dog went missing, he appeared to have been found, but disappeared again.

According to NbcNews, Ed Collado said his dog Mellow escaped from the his parents’ home, and as soon as they realized the dog was gone, checked the neighborhood and posted the dog’s photo and information on Facebook’s lost and found groups. Collado stated at times Mellow would slip out of the house, but would normally sit right outside. This time, however the dog didn’t come back.

Hope finding Mellow escalated when a post appeared on Facebook with a photo and the following caption:

Lost dog found. Ozone Park 88 Street.”

Excited that Mellow had been located, Collado responded with his phone number, but soon after that, the post was removed and no one ever responded.

Mellow has been part of the Collado family for the last seven years and has been the constant companion of Collado’s dad -Manuel Collado. Since the disappearance of the dog, the older Collado has been very depressed; his mom misses the dog dearly also.

There are fliers posted all over Ozone Park. Please share this story with friends, family and social media contacts. Mellow should be home with his own family, and it is feared he may have been stolen.

The family plans to file a police report.

(Photo of Mellow and Manuel Collado via NbcNews’ screenshot)

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  1. Jan Barnes says:

    This is BEYOND DEVASTATING! A police report MUST be filed! Hope and many prayers that the community will do everything humanly possible to locate and return this precious dog! Please provide updates.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Can’t stop feeling very sad for this poor man! Are there any updates? Can we help him adopt another dog? I know a dog can never ever be replaced, but another dog may take away at least a small part of the pain.


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