Help Banjo: Beagle holds shelter’s title of longest resident

In Gloucester, Virginia, the longest resident at the Gloucester-Matthews Humane Society is Banjo. As a puppy, Banjo had been captured in the woods while a feral puppy of only a few months – that was November 2016. And the adorable beagle mix is now three-and-a-half-years-old; sadly he has been at the shelter ever since.

So what’s the matter with Banjo? While all dog personalities are different, it seems Banjo is very shy. As the other adoptable pooches rush up to the front of their kennels wagging their tails and barking out a happy greeting, Banjo stays in the corner.

The shelter added more about Banjo’s personality:

“He arrived at GMHS nearly three years ago and was completely unsocialized with people. In his time with us, he has grown so much and made friends with several staff members and volunteers.

That said, he is still most comfortable, and finds joy in, playing with other dogs and running around outdoors.

We would love to find Banjo a home with other dogs to play with and learn from. He would appreciate a fenced yard, so he could run while still being safe and secure.”

In addition, this adorable boy is playful and a delight to be with, however it is strongly suggested Banjo is settled into a quiet home with a patient family “who is willing to slowly earn his trust and watch him blossom slowly.” He plays with toys, splashes in the kiddie pool and loves to hike and run in the woods.

Interested in meeting and adopting Banjo?

“Complete an adoption questionnaire (available at and email it to

Due to the volume of interest in Banjo and because he is an extremely shy dog, we are introducing him to potential matches with an approved adoption questionnaire and by appointment.

We want to be respectful of Banjo and his unique needs and not inflict unnecessary stress on him.”

Banjo is not in danger of being euthanized; he will be cared for and loved until the perfect home is found. Share this boy’s story with your friends, family and social media contacts. A home, full of love, adventure and care could be just around the corner.

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