Help: Bald Knob shelter will euthanize dogs because of overcrowding

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In Bald Knob, Arkansas, the local shelter stated they will euthanize dogs if people don’t start adopting pets soon. The shelter has a capacity of 35 dogs, and at this time have six too many.

In a post on the Bald Knob Animal Shelter’s Facebook page on Tuesday, dogs who have been at the shelter the longest will potentially be the first ones to be killed. The shelter operates as a no-kill shelter, however there is no certifying organization that labels any shelter with that title, nor is the definition universally agreed.

The most common understanding of a no-kill shelter is that it doesn’t kill except for the suffering animals that will in turn be administered palliative care. Most shelters have ever have adopted a 90% “live release rate” – nine out of 10 animals leaves the shelter alive.

“This is a very sensitive post/topic but it is something that the shelter has had to think very hard about in the past few months. As many may know we’ve got way over our limit of dogs and we also have many many dogs who have been here longer then a year or right at a year. The shelter environment is just not the place a dog needs to be for a long period of time. Yes the Animal Control Officers try to make their stay as comfortable and full of love as possible, but when there is one person trying to give 35+ dogs attention, meds, baths, and so much more things get overlooked. So it’s with a heavy heart for me to let everyone know that we will begin taking the ones who have been here the longest to the vet and having them euthanized if we cannot get them adopted or committed to a rescue. Starting the beginning of October we will post 2 dogs who have been here awhile and a short bio about them, and try to get them adopted. Just sharing these posts will help out tremendously on trying to find them homes. All of our babies deserve a loving and forever home, but they do not deserve having to fight for attention and love with each other. And they most definitely do not deserve to live so much of their life in a kennel.

On Wednesday night a special meeting was held asking for ideas in order that none of the 35 dogs including nine puppies be euthanized, and even though the city has the right to kill the pets after 10 days, they want to take another look at the 1999 ordinance.

The shelter is also looking for more volunteers. For now all adoptions are free and new photographs of the dogs in need of homes will be taken and made public.

Looking to help the dogs? Why not donate food or items to help make them more comfortable?  Contact the shelter located at

1112 Vine Street
Bald Knob, Arkansas 72010
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(501) 530-0712

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