Heartwarming compassion may save Moose’s life despite her darkness

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Moose arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport late Monday night. Volunteers from The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation were there to meet her. Treatment for a massive tumor that has taken over a large portion of her face will begin immediately.

“Her name is Moose. She is a neglect abuse case found in horrible condition with a giant tumor growing on her face. She will be coming to our foundation this week for treatment – and to have a chance at what ever life she has left.

Despite the painfully large growth on her face, she is eating, is in good spirits, and we believe with proper care and treatment, she can find a family and new life,” the organization posted on Facebook under the dog’s heartbreaking photo.


Moose’s rescuers have a plan and continue to be encouraged by supporters who all want to give this dog every chance to live – no matter how many days or how many years.

“While it is easy to look at her picture and think that euthanization is most humane. She is so very sweet, almost child like – and if at the end of her days she can find some light in her darkness. It is that justice that makes it okay,” the foundation stated in an early morning statement.

Updates to follow. Best of luck Moose. Everyone is wishing you the best results and a speedy recovery.

If you would like to mail a small donation please send to
Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation
14456 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Make checks payable to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation

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  1. Animal Hope and Wellness are HEROES on an INTERNATIONAL SCALE!
    Please please support their work in every way possible!


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