Heartbreaking victim of abject neglect: Perkins intentionally starved by owners

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Perkins is a victim of abject neglect. On Monday evening, he arrived at an emergency veterinarian hospital in Texas; just skin and bones and weighing only nine pounds.


According to Dallas Dog RRR, the dog’s story begins here with his shocking photo:

“This picture does not even show how skinny he is! His bones are sticking out under his skin, his muscle tone is gone, he wobbles when he tries to stand. He is super weak and his temp was 100, higher than at the shelter but still on the low end.”


His family simply ignored him. For the last five days, Perkins was inside of the home, but he was ignored. No one gave him any water, nor did anyone feed him.

“His sodium is off the charts, this means that this sweet baby has NOT been provided water for a long time. We have had rain for 5 days so what makes this story worse is that they did not just throw little Perkins outside and ignore him. He was kept inside a home where everyday the family had to walk by and look at Perkins, everyday they looked him get worse and worse. They made a CHOICE to NOT feed or give him water! They made a conscious choice to watch him starve.”


Perkins had been adopted from a shelter in November and then returned Monday afternoon. They no longer wanted him. Dallas Dog RRR was called to help. Why did his family cast him to the side, while in plain view, and decide to blatantly ignore him?

 “… Perkins was STARVED, he was neglected, his eyes are so INFECTED they were covered in slimy discharge! Perkins has a long road ahead. He will remain hospitalized until he is strong enough to go home. The critical part is we need to gets his sodium down slow and steady, if it comes down too fast it can kill him.”


Perkins will remain in the hospital until his sodium levels decrease. His condition remains critical.

Updates to follow.

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10 replies
  1. Stephen Phillips says:

    I’d adopt this precious in a heart-beat!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh dear god, please take care of Perkins and get him better so he can be taken into a home that will truly love and care for him. The family that adopted him and then brought him back in this condition should be charged criminally as well as be forced to pay all the medical bills for Perkins. How can people watch a dog slowly die like this and do nothing? What kind of vile monsters were allowed to adopt Perkins in the first place? Police need to get involved in this case now.

  3. Luana Duncan says:

    OMG! Thank u 4 taking Perkins in and helping him Dallas RRR! I pray he will get better ?? and get that true good 4ever home!! How could those monsters just let him starve to death?? They need the police involved and have charges pressed against these monsters!!

  4. pennysdachshunds says:

    Holy Smoke!!!! THESE are NOT EVEN HUMAN BEINGS!!!! They Need to Be EXTERMINATED like the Vile Vermin They ARE … This AMOUNT of Vicious , Horrific Torture is EVEN BEYOND WHAT ONE HELL OF ALOT of the READERS & and POSTERS on the SITE Think of THIS SO CALLED ” LONE STAR STATE” and the MASSIVE EXTREME TORTURE these CRETIN BASTARD that state the are Human Beings Dole OUT to their Animal Companions!!! What the Hell are the Authorities going to do about This BULLSHIT

  5. Melissa Gurley says:

    I agree with everyone else these so called people should be charged with everything possible to just walk by a dying animals is horrific you have no soul or heart this poor dog went and is still going thru hell TEXAS again WOW believe me KARMA will catch up to people like this and I hope it’s soon Donating Sharing and Praying for this poor dog. They could not even give this poor dog a drop of water KARMA

  6. maxiemom says:

    Charge those pieces of **** and leave them to rot behind bars without any food or water! The US justice system simply doesn’t have a sentence that’s sufficient to punish scum like this!


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