Heartbreaking fear: Pup sits alone at city shelter shaking with fright

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At the Wichita Animal Shelter in Kansas, a young dog only identified as “DMO5” waits in his kennel shivering in fright. The rescue organization, Beauties and Beasts, Inc. has been working with animal advocates, and over the weekend posted a plea for help. On Thursday, DMO5 still waits; his life is in jeopardy.

“His last post on 8/11 got over 2,000 shares, had over 170 comments, and still he sits. Nobody has come for him and he sits alone at the city shelter, a prisoner behind bars and in the fear of his own mind. Each time the dogs bark in kennels nearby he curls into a deeper ball. We don’t know his past history but we know he will have no chance at rewriting his future if an adopter or foster doesn’t step up NOW.”


Check out his heartbreaking video:


“It’s heartbreaking to see the crippling fear these innocent animals experience once in a shelter environment. The intake picture on the kennel card shows him sitting next to the person that brought him into the Wichita animal shelter. We can only hope that this wasn’t an owner abandonment situation which leaves them extremely confused what they did wrong or if their beloved person will return to save them.”

Share this boy’s story with friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Be the voice for those who cannot speak.

Animal number 119680
Kennel DM05
Intake day 8/4/19
Last day 8/11/19
Located at the Wichita Animal Shelter

VISIT the Wichita Animal Shelter and save the life of a blue lined animal in need. 3303 N Hillside in Wichita, KS. ADOPT with animal number through the humane society admissions department next door in person or contact (316) 524-9196 x207

RESCUES email the KHS rescue coordinator at rescue@kshumane.org or call 316-524-9196 and ask for the rescue coordinator. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

FOSTERS please apply online atwww.beautiesandbeasts.org/foster or contact a rescue you are affiliated with. Fosters for Beauties must reside in Kansas.

         Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.


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