‘Happily ever after’ for 13-year-old deaf poodle

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An elderly, deaf poodle had been so stressed and sad at the busy New York city animal shelter where she was surrendered, she had stopped eating. The 13-year-old poodle, named Lola, reported to be friendly and outgoing at her home, sadly became withdrawn and stressed at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center.

Lola lost her family when her owner became homeless:

“Her owner lost her home, & so did little Lola. In the home she was friendly, outgoing, respectful with kids & playful with other pups & CATS too. Housebroken, well-behaved, this sweet girl waits for you to get her out of the Brooklyn, NY ACC today!”

It also had not been long before Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, was notified about the senior pup’s heartbreaking plight. And it wasn’t long until Lola was happily placed into her new home. What a lucky girl!

“We have a bittersweet holiday story to share tonight. We got a plea from the NYC ACC earlier today for Lola, a deaf 13 year old poodle mix who was surrendered because her owner became homeless 😥💔 Lola was so stressed at the shelter, she refused to eat. She lost everything she had ever known. Our hearts broke for all involved here so we worked as quickly as possible & got precious Lola into an amazing loving home this evening.

Lola is checking out her new home & we will post an update soon.”

If only every dog could be so fortunate – but we are trying. Many thanks to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for your quick response.


To help more dogs like Lola, donations can be made:


Read her previous coverage here.

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