Gruesome discovery at home

Gruesome discovery – sick and dead animals found at Schuylkill County home

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A neighbor’s tip led officials in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, to a gruesome discovery in and around a home in Upper Mahantongo Township near Hegins. The neighbor reached out for help after finding a dead dog in a stream near the residence…what was inside was even more disturbing reports WNEP News.

Tricia Moyer-Mentzer, Hillside SPCA manager, told the news agency, “It makes me sick to my stomach, and whoever lives there should be locked away for a very long time.” The house and property was littered with animals, both dead and alive. The alive suffering from health maladies from being subjected to deplorable, squalid conditions.

Gruesome discovery

In a Facebook post, she described the heartbreak of seeing how these animals were forced to live…and die:

How do you compartmentalize seeing what you saw? How do you shake off putting a dead golden retriever that’s been floating in a creek in a garbage bag? How do you unchain a dog whose eyes know nothing but fear….and how do you quickly photograph bones of a rotten carcass of a goat then quickly move on to move a live goat to a trailer. How do you process seeing compost barrels filled with dog bodies? So much happens all so fast in these situations none of us really have time to process it all. The filth, the stench, the pure terror on some of their faces. Yet some of the pups ran to us like they had been sitting there waiting for us their whole lives. They will recover but it will be a TEAM effort. It will be a costly one, too. We will need your support and I have no doubt all of you will be there to help. Puppies missing eyes, dogs missing fur, it goes on and on….

A total of 30 dogs and 7 cats were rescued from the house and property, as well as multiple donkeys and a goat. The surviving animals are receiving care from the Hillside SPCA, which is struggling with the huge influx. The shelter manager thanked those who stepped up to assist:

Thank you to my wonderful staff who helped prepare for the incoming cats and dogs as best they could (since we have NO SPACE) during the day and for those that came back in tonight to help unload, feed, and care for the incoming 30 dogs and 7 cats. Our teamwork was very apparent tonight and I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

The person believed to be responsible for this horrific situation is Vincent Weist – he has not been located yet, but when he is, he will be facing multiple charges.

Donations for the SPCA are being collected through the agency’s Facebook page here.

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