Great news! Wildlife park reports a year without elephants being poached

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Great news has been released from one of Africa’s top wildlife parks. According to multiple sources, the Mozambique’s Niassa Reserve has gone a full year without any elephants being lost to poachers.

In fact, over the past two years, the elephant population has increased by 250, reports Fox News. Before patrols were increased to counter illegal hunting, poachers were decimating elephant herds and the population was dropping dramatically.

Despite this year’s good news, ABC News reports that it could take years for the elephant population to rebound, even if poaching is kept under control.

The last recorded death via poaching at this reserve was recorded on May 17, 2018. George Wittemyer, with the Kenya-based organization Save the Elephants, told the Associated Press, “It is a major and very important development that poaching has ceased. This represents a major success.”

(Image via Pixabay)

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