German shepherd protected toddler

Grateful mother applauds efforts of German shepherd who protected wandering toddler

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A mother, overwhelmed with gratitude and pride, recently recounted her German shepherd’s amazing ability to protect her toddler who wandered out of the house. The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, explained how her two-year-old managed to slip past a gate and out through a locked door:

 I left the house this morning to take my son to camp, leaving my oldest and the toddler home sleeping. I accidentally forgot to put the baby monitor n the older child’s room so she could hear the baby. Well, while I was gone the 2 year old woke up and decided to come downstairs instead of her sister’s room. She got past a gate and a locked door!

Fortunately, the little girl was not alone – the woman said:

Our German Shepherd (who never leaves her side) went out with her. I came home shortly after (thank God).

It was the observations of good Samaritan which revealed the depth of the dog’s unwavering protection and devotion:

A woman was sitting in her car watching them and came to tell me that she tried to get the baby, but our dog wouldn’t let her anywhere near her. He put himself between our baby and this woman letting her know that this was his human and he would not let her near. She ended up just sitting n her car watching them to make sure nothing happened. Told me that our dog never left her and seemed like he was leading her back to our home.

She added:

He was so gentle and good with her that he seemed very friendly. When she pulled her car up he circled the toddler, then positioned himself between the car and the toddler, still looking friendly. When the woman opened her door she said his demeanor completely changed and she thought he was going to attack her. He went from a cute friendly dog to a fully capable predator. He didn’t move just stood his ground protecting our baby. Once she shut her door and drove a little away he relaxed and went back to walking the toddler back.

The frightening ordeal lasted just a short period of time – the mother returned home and found her little girl and dog in the street.

She has nothing but praise for her devoted dog:

 She was only outside for a short amount of time. Our dog is so amazing! His instincts are incredible and we are so extremely blessed to have him n our family. We are so fortunate that our dog was with her and this woman was there to make sure nothing bad happened from afar.

And she explains that efforts are being made to find a better way to keep her little escape artist safely inside of their home:

And yes, now we are trying to find another way to make sure the 2 year old can not get outside. Probably a deadbolt with key locks on both sides.”

The German shepherd was purchased from Von Goedehaus Kennels – the breeder is as proud of this faithful dog as the owner is. She stated:

“I am so proud of this dog for how he handled the situation and protected his little person. We breed working lines, yes, but the toughest job a dog may ever have is to be a well rounded “family dog.”

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