Gorgeous Belgian Malinois left tied to fire hydrant

A woman abandoned a gorgeous Belgian Malinois in front of a woman’s home on Monday in South Gate at Walnut Park by Grand and Pacific, and it is hoped animal advocates and neighbors can help find his owners or why he was apparently abandoned.

“Some lady abandoned this nice looking dog in front of my house, he is very friendly with humans and dogs. I know this because my little dogs came and barked at him and he never barked back and people pass next to him and he never barks or acts aggressive,” the person who found the dog posted on the public Facebook page, South Gate Pet Scanner.

The well-behaved dog seemed to waiting for his owner to return and seemed sad when the person who tied him up left. The person didn’t want to let the dog loose for fear that the dog could wander out into traffic, but also hesitated calling animal control fearing the dog would be euthanized if a home was not found quickly.

Later that same day, someone did call animal control. He is now at the Downey Animal Care Shelter.

Please share his plight. If anyone knows his owner or is interested in adopting him when the waiting period is over, please contact the shelter. Share with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Shelters are overcrowded and tragically even the healthiest, nicest dogs are at risk of losing their lives.

When making inquiries about this dog, reference A5341678. Los Angeles County Animal Control at 562.940.6898.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

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