German shepherd tries to ‘melt into the wall’ at crowded shelter

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Meet Jordan; he is a German shepherd who is so scared, he tries to “melt into the wall” to make all the confusion and noise disappear. As advocates try to help this boy at the Baldwin Park Shelter in California, no one has yet to step up for him. His fate is at risk.

“This is how terrified Jordan is: he would melt into the wall if he could. Jordan is scared out of his mind. To make matters worse, he is on quarantine for nipping a handler when she attempted to free him after his leash became entangled around his muzzle. Jordan needs security, and to build confidence to enable him to become the dog he wants so badly to be. He is 8 & the clock is ticking for him, fast. BALDWIN PARK, CA.”

Check out his video here:

Jordan’s PetHarbor adoption listing.

For more information, contact and updates, please call

626-962-3577 and push 5,2,2 and have ID number ready.


Baldwin Park Animal Care Center
4275 N. Elton Street
Baldwin Park, California 91706
Mon thru Thurs: 12-7 pm
Fri thru Sun: 10-5pm

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  1. Robin Jampol at west side german shepherd rescue and all california german shepherd rescues, step up


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