Georgia farmer claims July 4 death of donkey caused by fireworks

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A Georgia farmer is mourning the death of his donkey claiming the noise from the July 4 fireworks caused his animal’s death. Sammy the donkey may have been so scared, he died of fright or a heart attack his owner explained.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, John Bogino of Seven Gables Farm located in Fulton, stated the miniature donkey Sammy,  (nickname for Sambucca) just couldn’t take the explosions so near to him. Bogino is hoping the death of Sammy encourages people in farming areas to avoid the fire works and be alert to the needs of the animals in such stressful situations.

“The sounds were really loud, and I suspect he got scared out there and probably died of fright or heart attack,”Bogino stated.

In 2017, the mayor of the 10,000 resident farming community of Milton, worked with state lawmakers to create laws addressing how dangerous the noise from the fireworks can be to animals and livestock. A warning email alerted area residents, just days before July 4, that fireworks can be dangerous for animals.

Sammy the donkey was 24-years-old and guarded the goat and alpaca on the farm where horses are boarded for neighbors. The donkey had always been a favorite among the locals and school children.

No necropsy has been performed to determine Sammy’s exact cause of death.

Rest in peace Sammy.

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

4 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Condolences and hugs from the Peters on the loss of Sammy……

    Honestly, the 4th isn’t always a fun holiday for us…..

    My husband and I absolutely hate the July 4th fireworks’ noises…… we spend time with our animals…… we are with our horses, talking to them, giving treats and snuggles, so far, so good…… our dogs are sedated by the vet (or they completely freak out)…… our cats also hated the noises (and would hide)…..

  2. Carol Green says:

    I hate the 4th of July noise, too! In our town the authorities allow people to set off fireworks starting on June 28th thru July 5th. Ridiculous!!! I’m quite certain at least 99% of the idiots are not celebrating America’s independence, but just love the thrill (for them) of the explosions. Since we live in a forested area I’m fearful of the trees catching fire and worry about all the animals affected by the horrendous noise. So many lost pets running from the noise, houses catching on fire from stray sparks and ignorant people blowing their hands off should be an indication that things need to be toned down a bit and stiffer time limits set for “celebrating”.


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