Man got cats through Craigslist and tortured them to death

Free pets on Craigslist were tortured by Missouri man

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Pet cats, offered up for free on Craigslist, met with a gruesome end thanks to a man in Missouri. According to multiple sources 20-year-old Kaine Louzader allegedly acquired cats from Craigslist and he would then “stomp or strangle” them before dismembering their bodies.

Louzador is facing felony animal cruelty charges for the heinous acts. As reported by the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the authorities were alerted to Louzador’s criminal activity after someone saw him dumping a dead cat near his home in St. Charles county. Louzador is believed to be responsible for at least 12 cat’s deaths…

After being confronted by the authorities, Louzador admitted to the killings and described the gruesome nature in which the felines were killed – he has been jailed on a $50,000 bond.

(Screenshot of booking photo via Fox news)

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5 replies
  1. Bunny Peters says:

    Pure Evil. No ? In my mind that this POS will burn in Hell forever for his cruelty……. I hope he gets there ASAP after dying a horrible death alone, in pain, afraid and unloved….
    This useless POS deserves prison time AND a huge fine (can’t pay, so keep him locked up even longer)…….. Definitely should NOT be anywhere near people or animals……. shows NO remorse, no pity or compassion…….. a “true sociopath”…….. he will “graduate” to people (& that’s VERY scary)……. Justice is needed for those he has harmed (& truly, we don’t know how many others he has actually harmed)…….
    Precious treasures your lives were stolen from you (& your lives mattered). You absolutely did NOT deserve to be treated so cruelly…… I am absolutely heartbroken for your trauma & death.
    Makes me sick inside to think of these precious furbabies suffering……
    Precious treasures please look for MacKitty in Heaven and he will welcome you into his snuggle buddies group. You can RIP amongst his loving friends……..

  2. Larry says:

    There is no punishment cruel and unusual enough for this low-life scumbag. Unfortunately our laws will not permit the kind of fate this piece of garbage deserves. He needs to locked away forever so he can never harm another animal again and before he does something similar to a person (child, woman, elderly person, anyone who cannot defend themselves). Nothing but a coward and pure evil in every respect. For the record he doesn’t need counseling or therapy he needs to spend the remainder of his miserable worthless life in a very small cage where he will never see sunshine again. I can only hope he dies the slow, painful, grusome death he truly deserves.

  3. Jan Barnes says:

    This is why pets should NEVER EVER be given away for free! This is not an isolated incident! It happens MORE OFTEN THAN ONE CAN IMAGINE!

    • Bunny Peters says:

      Sadly you are so correct. I have heard that dog fighters, owners of large, carnivorous reptiles (for example: lizards, snakes, and snapping turtles) regularly “troll” Craig’s List (and other internet “give away” websites) for “free to good home” cats and dogs (who then suffer horrific deaths)……. one of our dogs was listed as a “perfect bait dog”……. we absolutely love our blind precious little treasure…… I can’t believe how cruel people can be to helpless animals……. the thought of our precious little treasure being harmed by fighting dogs totally outrages me…….

  4. Pennysdachshunds says:

    The United States Is a Country that Believes in Innocent Till Proven in a Court of Law of Guilt…… This IS ONE of those TIMES I could OVERLOOK a Vigilante Group!!! DEALING with this PIECE of BUZZARD VOMIT!!!


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