Former police chief vents frustrations over coward who killed 2 family dogs

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A former police chief in Greenfield, Indiana vented his frustrations on Sunday aimed at the apparent coward who killed two family dogs with a shot gun and left their bodies in a field.

According to the Facebook page of John Jester, the two beagles were found near a home in the Greenfield city limits owned by one of his friends. The property is located near County Road 100S and Morristown Pike.

“I don’t normally post anything like this, however I have too on this one. There are some true cowards in the world that should never be allowed to have animals!!! I know where you parked when you shot them, I know what you were driving when you shot them, I know where we’re at when you shot them and I know where you left them to die. It is my only hope that you were close enough to the trail camera that I can give pictures of you doing it the the prosecutor!!! Not that you were worried about it, but my wife and I gave YOUR dogs a proper disposal. If they are your dogs, feel free to contact me! Feel free to share this post.”

Jester had received a call in the morning about the dogs and went over to remove their bodies which were turned over to Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management to respectfully dispose of their remains. No investigation has yet to be launched, but Jester hopes the person responsible would come forward and admit to what they had done.

If the owner didn’t want his dogs any longer, why didn’t he take them to a shelter? There are no laws that prohibit people from shooting and killing their own animals, however there are animal cruelty laws, and laws that prohibit people from killing or intentionally harming animals belonging to others that pose no threats.

Rest in peace pooches.

(Photo by John Jester)

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  1. There should be laws that prevent people from killing their own animals! If they don’t want them, take to them to a shelter or call someone for information on where to take them but don’t kill them because they are no longet wanted! I hope that whoever shot burns in hell for eternity!

  2. Hope they find the scum who killed his own 2 dogs and the same thing done to him. Eye for an eye punishment for dog killers and abusers. Nothing more but nothing less.

  3. The picture of those precious little Beagles laying there breaks my heart. I know ours can be a pain in the neck with her barking but we are preparing to pay out a couple of thousand dollars to remove 3 liver tumors, and we didn’t hesitate to make that decision. Some people don’t deserve to walk the face of the earth is they can kill innocent pets like this. I don’t care if the POS killed their own pets and it is legal, they deserve to be charged with animal abuse.

  4. Maybe the former police chief can take steps to make the animal cruelty laws MUCH STRONGER! I am sure he would have A LOT OF SUPPORT!

  5. No laws preventing people from shooting and killing their own animals? Talk about a regressive, backward state!!! That should have been illegal for years!


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