Former officer sentenced for death of his K9

Officer sentenced for death of k9
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A former reserve police officer has been sentenced for the death of his K9. As reported by WYFF News, 35-year-old Clinton Ellis, who worked in Laurel, Indiana, was sentenced after pleading guilty to animal cruelty for the death of his former canine partner, Blade, who as discovered frozen in a trash bag just over a year ago.

The allegations

A necropsy on the dog’s body revealed that he had died from starvation and intestinal foreign bodies. A tipster alerted the authorities to the K9’s body and told them that he had witnessed the dog “deteriorating” over the course of several months.

When Ellis was confronted about the deceased dog’s deterioration, he claimed that Blade looked no different to him between the time that the dog started living with him, and the day that the dog died.

As reported by WTHR news, Ellis had already been serving jail time because he was charged for unlawfully seizing guns during the time that he was employed as a reserve officer.

The plea deal

Ellis pleaded guilty to the charges resulting from the situation – though he was found guilty of one count of striking or interfering with a law enforcement animal and one count of cruelty to an animal, he was sentenced to just one year in jail, and 311 days of that sentence were suspended.

(booking photo of Ellis via WYFF News)

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  1. WTF?? Why is he getting off so easily??? This is totally ridiculous ???!! How else r we going 2 set example, if these trashbags get off so easily?? He really needed 2 serve that full year!!

  2. This disgusting piece of filth has gotten away with murder. If someone had reported the dog deteriorating, then why wasn’t the dog taken away from this monster. What is wrong with this community sentencing him to just one year in jail, and then suspending 311 days of that sentence. But then why should we expect him to get any more of a sentence than what they would give a regular person? There is a special place in Hell for this whole community, they certainly didn’t get justice for poor K-9 Blade!

  3. Pig certainly looks like he ate ok. So basically no jail time for the death of this loyal/working dog. Someone saw this animal basically withering away and said nothing earlier? What is the matter with people who don’t say something for fear of offending their neighbor yet now this poor dog is dead? The owner should be in jail longer for what he allowed to happen to his loyal dog.

  4. SO this EX-OFFICER gets to have 54 days of incarceration for NOT only Starving , Her Murdered his Fellow Officer::: Wow IINDIANA DO YOU JUST happen to Think YOU MAY have given him too much time…. for the injustice he committed.

  5. This is an outrage! That fat, ugly worthless POS tortured a loyal K9 to death and he gets a one year suspended sentence? He broke the laws of the state, community and the biggest ones, that of humanity and trust with deliberate cruelty. It’s plain to see vigilante justice is the only justice that can be counted on. I hope it happens soon and with as much callousness as was shown to Blade.


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