Former cop sentenced for abuse of puppy

Former copy sentenced
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A former cop has been sentenced for his abuse of a puppy in 2018 – but he won’t be going to jail. According to multiple sources, Damon Bronstetter, formerly with Pennsylvania’s Lancaster City Police Department, is sentenced to two years of probation, community service and an order to complete a mental health evaluation.

Bronstetter faced a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge for beating his 10-month-old German shepherd puppy with a piece of wood. The man was a police officer at the time of the incident – he has stated that he is “ashamed” of his behavior, reports Fox 43 News.

The pup survived the beating, but suffered injuries – until probation is complete, Bronstetter is prohibited from owning any pets.

Bronstetter is also facing a simple assault charge for an alleged assault on a woman in 2018 – he has not yet gone to trial for that incident. It is a documented fact that people capable of abusing animals often escalate to human violence, which is why animal rights advocates push for stronger sentences in animal cruelty cases.

(Screenshot of former cop via Fox 43)

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