Florida man threw crated cat in ditch filled with water

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In St. Petersburg, Florida, a man faces animal cruelty charges after allegedly throwing a crated cat into a ditch filled with water. An eyewitness has been credited for saving the cat’s life.

According to the St. Petersburg Police Department, the disturbing incident occurred on Wednesday. A witness saw Scott Rush, 48, toss the crate containing the cat into the water filled ditch. When Rush realized he was being watched, he grabbed the crate and pulled it out of the water. He then walked to the back of a nearby business, stopped at the dumpster and removed the cat from its crate and started to kick and hit it.

Scott Rush has been charged wih felony animal cruelty.

The cat was checked out a veterinarian office, then taken to Pinellas Animal Services.

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Clever pooch!

Rescued from deadly plastic!

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  1. Please keep us posted on the cat’s condition and if donations are needed. I cannot wait for animals to have their own attorneys in court, which is already happening in some states.

  2. That’d be great idea and I’m glad it’s happening animals having their own attorneys throughout the planet Earth it would be such a better Blue Marble for all life that walks on it and I hope that coward animal torturing piece of crap goes away for a very very long time I’d say 10 years would be good


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