Florida man spends 72 hours in a shelter kennel

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Ever wonder what it’s like for shelter animals who spend most of their lives behind bars?  Those are the shelter pets that sit day in and day out watching the sun rise and set, knowing another day has come and gone, and no one has come for them.

Kris Rotonda, President and CEO of Jordan’s Way, a 501(c) 3 charity located in Safety Harbor, Florida has decided to show the world exactly what it’s like for these homeless and forgotten dogs. Kris did this by spending 72 hours in a cage from 08/17/19 -08/19/19 at Your Humane Society SPCA in  Sumpter County, Florida.  His purpose for doing this, was to see what life is like from the perspective of a shelter dog. And, to show the world the loneliness, boredom, and frustration these dogs face every day; sometimes only going out for potty breaks and more often than not, sleeping on hard concrete.

This is not Rotonda’s first stunt to call attention to the plight of shelter and animals and raise awareness for his charity Jordan’s Way. In July, he pulled a 250-pound tire for 100 miles around New York City in his “100 Miles for 100 Shelters” campaign.

Kris Rotonda dragging tire in NYC

And in December of 2018, he delivered bags of dog food to various Florida shelters during the Christmas holidays.Kris continued this charitable act in January 2019 when  he drove and delivered 600 bags of dog food to a struggling shelter in Arkansas.

Statistically 8 million animals enter the shelter system every year simply because no one wants them. Only a handful are lucky enough to get adopted. One of the biggest challenged animal shelters face other than overcrowding is feeding the animals in their care.

Kris’s goal through Jordan’s Way Charities is to raise enough money to provide a year’s worth of food for 113 shelters across the nation. According to Kris, pleas for help come in daily from shelters wanting to be part of his donation program.  He doesn’t want to turn any of them away.

Kris has been a supporter and advocate for shelter dogs since he adopted his own dog Jordan from a Tampa shelter eleven years ago. She had spent all of her short life in and out of the shelter system, rarely experiencing a life outside of a cage until Kris adopted her. Sadly, she succumbed to cancer in 2018.

Kris wanted to do something in her memory, so Jordan’s Way Charities was founded to honor her and to do something to improve the quality of life for other animals subjected to the same lonely life. But he cannot do this alone. The goal is to raise $600,000.00 Kris is looking for corporate sponsors, donors, and grants to help bring this dream to fruition.

All business sponsors will have their name added to the Jordan’s Way t-shirt for advertising and publicity. They will also mention and promote business sponsors in daily Facebook and live streaming events.

Donations can be made through a GoFundMe page

To contact Kris Rotonda directly,  email  kristopherrotonda@gmail.com or by phone 727-735-1093.

For more information on Jordan’s Way Charities and ways to help, visit their website.

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