Florida K-9 bloodhound finds missing autistic child

In the Panhandle of Florida a K-9 bloodhound with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office found a three-year-old autistic child who got lost wandering in the woods on Sunday.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, the little boy, Aedric Hughes unlocked the deadbolt to the front door of his grandmother’s home and slipped out. Authorities searched the area for two hours, and then decided to release the bloodhounds – two dogs that had been donated to the Sheriff’s office over one year ago as puppies, and have since  become an integral part of the law enforcement team.

Once the dogs and their handlers started their search of the wooded area, it was only 28 minutes until Aedric was found. The child was discovered 200 yards away, surrounded by briars, mud and moss. Awaiting EMS emergency personnel were there to help. Fortunately the child only suffered scratches and bug bites.

Sheriff Johnson implemented the Bloodhounds into our Agency approximately 1 year ago. Within that time, our Bloodhounds have located 9 individuals to include missing senior citizens, criminals on the run, and missing children.

K-9 finds missing 3-year-old boy with autism in extremely muddy and woody area

The Santa Rosa County, Florida Sheriff's Office says their K-9 found a missing boy with autism in an extremely wooded and muddy area after the boy wandered out of his home. http://bit.ly/2mnzPbx

Posted by The National Desk – TND on Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Heroes come with two legs and four legs.

Job well done men and dogs.

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