Florida dog trainer caught on video choking and throwing dog

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A Hialeah, Florida dog trainer was arrested on Thursday after his actions were caught on video of him choking and throwing a dog he was supposedly hired to train. Victor Suero, 31, faces two counts of animal cruelty with the “intent to injure or kill.”

According to the Miami Herald, Suero had been hired to obedience train his neighbor’s Siberian husky named Winter. On the day of the incident, Suero had been walking the two huskies in February- the other dog, Han, was his. Suero became upset with one-year-old Winter and was seen choking the dog before slamming her to the ground.

The disturbing video showed Suero grab the dog by her collar and remove her leash. A few moments later, he grabbed her by the collar again, lifted her off the ground and then slammed her to the ground. The dog whined in pain.

Suero is being held in Miami-Dade’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in lieu of $5,000 bond. Winter has recovered and reunited with her owner. Han has been taken into custody by Miami-Dade Animal Services.

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(Photo of Florida dog trainer via screenshot Miami Herald)

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2 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    You have to wonder how long this POS has been getting away with these training methods. I hope this will put an end to it! It shows why people should always do their own training and not depend on someone else, you never know what is going on unless you are there.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    I have always “feared” what trainers do “behind closed doors”! Anyone trustingly them is taking a horrible and possibly DEADly chance?

    Even groomers are often cruel and heartless!


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