Caged dog found in lake

Fisherman finds caged dog floating in lake

A fisherman in Illinois says that he found a caged dog floating in Kaufman Lake. As reported by WKRG News, amazingly, the dog was still alive.

The fisherman’s friend, Amanda Carin, posted images of the dog to social media, writing:

Caged puppy in Kaufmann lake

I can’t even with this. Why are people so terrible.

Message from finder-“People are so sick.
A friend just found this puppy in a cage in Kaufmann lake. She is at the U of I Vet clinic doing OK.
If you have a dog you don’t want, please contact me.”

The pup is still in the care of U of I Veterinary and is being treated for hypothermia and wounds – she is expected to make a full recovery. Currently, there is no information available about who the dog’s owner may be.

(Screenshot via WKRG News)

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Oh my goodness!

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  1. John says:

    Please may karma. One for the miserable POS that left this beautiful soul in that cage in the water. I pray for slow agonizing death for them.


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