Firefighters save dog trapped under concrete patio

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In Perris, California firefighters saved a dog trapped under a concrete patio. How did she get in that nearly impossible position? It seems the curious pooch dug her way under, but couldn’t find her way out.

The Riverside County Fire Department tweeted the video of the rescue on Monday stating the dog had been stuck 8-9 feet back under the concrete patio. Firemen had to cut a section of the patio out and were able to pull her out after some very convincing nudging from rescuers.

Fire Captain Fernando Herrera was glad to reunite the dog with her family, but this was not the first time the dog tried to climb under the same spot. In the past she wasn’t able to go in that far.

It’s certainly time to teach an older dog new tricks.

Many thanks to our firemen who are always helping everyone.

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Mother and pup reunited! So sweet.

3 replies
  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    I Would Strongly Suggest To The People that Live there ::: To either reinforce this area so the little one can’t get in there or Hire it done to save a tragedy !!!! OR Rehome your “Pet” to someone that is willing to go the extra mile to keep the Little One Safe!!

  2. Bunny Peters says:

    WTG Fire Dept.!!! If that were my home and furbaby, I would redesign my patio ASAP…… since this has happened before, the next time might not have a “happy ending”…….

    In the interim, until the construction of the new patio/yard is completed, one can place heavy boulders or concrete blocks to keep an area of the patio inaccessible……

    Also, the family should never leave their small dog outside alone (hawks and eagles can snatch small dogs and cats so fast…… dogs and cats don’t usually look “up” and are often caught unaware by aerial predators)………

  3. Janet Barnes says:

    Sometimes the WORST “predators” are the pet’s owners (as in this case)!

    Many thanks and blessings to more angels in uniform!


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