Deadly fire at kennel

Fire at kennel for behaviorally challenged dogs claims 29 lives

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A kennel which housed behaviorally challenged dogs went up in flames early Monday morning and 29 dogs lost their lives. As reported by multiple news agencies, the blaze at D & D Kennels in Chicago, Illinois, was so intense that saving many of the dogs was impossible.

Garrett Mercado, who operated the kennel, told the Chicago Tribune:

“I was just opening as many doors as I could, hoping they would follow me out.”

The survivors

The lives of 22 dogs were spared thanks to the efforts of fire and sheriff personnel. Survivors were relocated to DuPage County Animal Services. Some of the dogs who were at the kennel were from Pets for Vets USA – an agency which takes on “difficult” dogs and trains them to assist veterans. Peter Cangelosi commented on the help that Mercado provides:

“Garrett’s the only one who can give this dog a second chance and then that dog gives one of our veterans a second chance.”

At the time of the fire, there were 11 dogs from Pets for Vets USA at the kennel – only four made it out alive, reported ABC News.

The cause of the devastating fire remains under investigation.

(Screenshot via ABC News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    What a sad situation, dogs that are being rehabilitated for a good cause and this has to happen. My condolences to the Kennel personal, I’m sure they are heartbroken.

  2. Adrienne says:

    This man and his staff are surely devastated. They take care of the dogs that behavioral issues that if not addressed will never be adopted and would be euthanized. So horribly sad that many of these precious animals lives have been taken and are now in the hands of our Lord. May he watch over them now.
    New guidelines for fire protection, sprinklers, must be in all animal shelters to avoid tragedies like this.


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