FedEx driver runs over family’s 13-year-old dog and drives away

In Caddo Mills, Texas, a FedEx driver pulled up to a family’s home to drop off a package, hit the 13-year-old dog with her vehicle, got out to check the front of the truck for damage and then pulled away and left the home.

According to WfaaNews, the entire incident was caught on the family’s surveillance video last Sunday. Their dog, a 13-year-old Border collie named Milo, is slowly recovering from his injuries. The dog’s owner, Susan Jenkins, found him when she came home – her dog had been whimpering and bleeding.

The dog’s rear legs were severely injured with cuts down to the muscles and tendons. A portion of his tail was cut to the bone, and he suffered road rash which called for the surgical removal of necrotic tissue from the pup’s abdomen.

The family had no idea what happened to Milo – that is until they checked their surveillance video and gasped at the disturbing footage. The driver could be seen coming down the homeowner’s 230 foot long driveway. The family dogs could be seen on the property running around. All of the dogs are fitted with shock collars to keep from leaving the yard.

The driver went to the end of the driveway, turned around and as the driver pulled closer to the house, Milo was pulled under the front of the truck. The dog yelped as the driver hit him and then limped away. The driver checked the front of the truck and then dropped off the package. A bloody skid mark of 43 inches was left on the concrete driveway.

Jenkins understands hitting Milo was an accident, but the driver didn’t leave a note or even knock on the door. The dog’s owner also noted the driver didn’t have to come all the way down the driveway when she saw all the dogs.

Milo’s veterinarian bills will be paid by FedEx who sent her an apology and stated they were investigating the accident. It is not known if the driver had been disciplined, and no answers have followed.

Yes, Milo is expected to recover, but this is a 13-year-old dog. Really FedEx driver – you could have notified the dog’s owner or even left a note. At least the family would have known what they were dealing with – as far as Milo’s condition.

Some people just don’t get it!

(Photos via screenshots WfaaNews)

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3 replies
  1. Larry says:

    Will this driver be disciplined? How about fired and charged with felony animal cruelty? She knew she had hit the dog and did nothing to check on the dog’s condition. She was more concerned with the truck than the dog. What a piece of garbage! If Fedex doesn’t fire her on the spot then they are as culpable as she is for this incident. Fedex and other businesses (UPS, etc.) need to impress ontheir drivers that their goal is make deliveries safely, to people, pets, and property, not just make a stop at the assigned address. This make require taking a little bit more time at one stop or another. One of the majoe causes of this tragedy is the driver’s preoccupation with haste/speed. To drivers, slow down, use an abundance of caution, and avoid accidents. This could have easily been considerably worse. It’s a good thing gthe family had surveillance cameras of else the family may have never know what happened to their precious family member. This driver would have unquestionably sped away without so much as a look back. I say again, what a piece of garbage.


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