Body of bloodied pup found in farmer's field

Farmer horrified to find bloodied dog body, left with stuffed animal, in a field

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An Indiana farmer recently discovered the bloodied body of a young dog in a field in Hancock County. As reported by The Indy Channel, the 10-month-old puppy still had on a collar and leash and was laying next to a stuffed animal.

The horrified farmer, John Shaw, tells the news agency:

It’s disgusting. It just honestly is. It still had its collar on, leash attached and it had a stuffed animal lying there beside it. I mean, it’s very sad.”

Investigators with Greenfield-Hancock County Animal Management believe that the pup may have been intentionally killed. The animal welfare agency’s director, Amanda DeHoney, said:

He doesn’t appear to be malnourished or starved anything like that.

A microchip led investigators to the puppy’s owner, who informed them that the dog, who was recently adopted  from Indianapolis Animal Care Services, was given away because the man was “no longer able to care” for him. The original adopter did not have the new owner’s information for investigators.

The deceased pup is not the only disturbing find in John Shaw’s fields – a week ago someone left a bloodied crate. It is unclear if the crate is tied to the discovery of the pup. Shaw told the news agency that he wants answers, stating:

 “I hope they find him and give him everything that he’s got coming, there’s three things you don’t mess with: my wife, my family and my dogs.”

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