Dog shot and killed in fenced yard

Family’s dog found lying over dog who was shot to death in fenced yard

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A family in Methuen, Massachusetts, came home to a heartbreaking scene in their yard on Thursday afternoon. As reported by WYFF News, someone shot and killed Moose, their three-year-old German shepherd, and their other dog was lying on his body – either trying to comfort him, or protect him from further harm.

The Massachusetts’ State Police Tweeted about their involvement with the cruelty case:

18h18 hours ago
MSP Crime Scene/Ballistics assisting @MethuenPolice in investigation of fatal shooting of a family’s German Shepherd on Lowell Boulevard. This is a tragic crime and is treated as seriously as any other violent crime. Law enforcement must have no tolerance for animal cruelty.

Moose’s family is dumbfounded over what happened, and unsure why anyone would have targeted Moose – their other dogs, who were in the same fenced yard on Thursday, were unharmed.

The state police will be working with the local authorities as the investigation continues.

(Screenshot via WYFF News)

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is heartbreaking and this is why you never leave your pets outside, even in a fenced in yard if you are not home to supervise them. Someone did the unthinkable to this dog and I pray they find out who did it! I can’t imagine finding my dog like this especially with his buddy laying on him to protect him. My condolences for this family, I hope they are able to get some justice for Moose.

  2. Jan Barnes says:

    Yet another example of the cruelty of (sub)humans and how animals often display deeper love and compassion than most people do.


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