Family’s dog beaten to death on chain in backyard

Family's dog beaten to death
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A family in Flint, Michigan, is mourning the loss of their dog, who was beaten to death while chained in his backyard. Owner Randy Huyck tells WNEM News, “It hurts because we love the dog.”

Rocky, a German shepherd mix, was killed on a night when he was left outside on this chain the entire night. Something his family regrets. Huyck tells the news agency, “We’ve had him for 10 years and we have another one in the house and we don’t want them to go outside because we don’t want them to get hurt.”

Huyck’s family receives assistance from The Greater Flint Dog Outreach – the organization had been helping with Rocky for the past year. Stephanie Isaac, who runs the outreach program, posted images of Rocky after he was found and wrote an angry Facebook post to whoever is behind the cruel killing:

I hope the Flint police department finds you and I hope you pay with a life behind bars you scumbag. This dog suffered. It HID from you! You can tell by the crime scene you scumbag!!!!

On Thursday, the outreach agency posted photos of Rocky during happier times, writing:

This dog was a sweet dog that GFDO assisted with outreach. His name was Rocky. He loved everyone.


The cruel killing has been reported to the police and it is under investigation.

Rest in peace Rocky.

(Images via Facebook)

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  1. The family should be charged with neglect. Leaving a dog chained up outside all night in December in Michigan!!??? That’s total bullshit. RIP Rocky. So sorry humans failed you.

  2. this family is negligent and abusive for leaving him outside on a chain all nite in this freezing weather and no ability to protect himself

  3. If Rocky was so loved by his family, he should not have been outside on a chain in the cold! I damn to hell the mutant who killed Rocky, but his “loving” family also carries a lot of the blame.

  4. If you kept ONE in the house because you didn’t want the dog to be hurt…THEN WHY DID YOU LEAVE ROCKY OUT, ALL night in the COLD, since you “loved” him so much? Sorry, but it sounds like you INTENTIONALLY LEFT HIM OUT KNOWING WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN. YOU are the ones who ought to be prosecuted, while they find the SICK thug who finished him off for YOU!


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